What’s Happening

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Local communities have long coexisted with Geneva Rock Products, who owns and operates on a sizable piece of land at the Western end of Steep Mountain. Geneva Rock has a great history of working with and supporting efforts in their surrounding community while providing jobs and an essential service required to keep our County’s infrastructure growing. It is important to make everyone aware that Geneva Rock is currently operating within their rights and that they have expressed interest in a diplomatic solution to this cause.

Only recently has Geneva Rock begun mining operations on the skyline portion of Steep Mountain. While their work is currently limited to the Western end of the ridge, they have secured permits and voiced their plans to move further East toward the summit. Any movement toward the East will have immediate impact to both the skyline and the County owned Flight Park located directly below. Several years ago, the County acquired this land and set it aside as designated park space to help preserve a flying site that attracts pilots from around the world each year. The County saw value in creating a park that its citizens and guests, both pilots and non-pilots alike, could use and appreciate for years to come. To do so, Salt Lake County invested nearly a million dollars to create what is now known as the Salt Lake County Flight Park at the Point of the Mountain.

As Geneva Rock owns a significant portion of the land on the face of and all the way to the central summit of Steep Mountain, further mining will directly affect the homeowners who live below, both on the bench and the valley floor. Several new business parks have recently opened their doors in this area, and currently, the Bonneville Shoreline Trail ends directly below the land Geneva Rock is planning on mining. The fact is that this mountain means something different to many different groups, far too many to include all of them here.

The goal of our petition is to ask Salt Lake County government officials to hear our voices and to facilitate the acquisition of Geneva Rock owned land that lies on the Western end of Steep Mountain, including its North and South facing slopes. We are asking them to investigate either purchasing this land, and/or facilitating a land swap that will be mutually beneficial to Geneva Rock, their hard-working employees, and the surrounding communities.